Nepal Net Sanchar with view to serve internet in biratnagar in 2003 started dial-up service and upgraded it to cable internet and wireless. we were 1st to take vset license in purvanchal to provide internet in 2009.We were 1st to use fiber optic cable as private isp in Biratnagar. Nepal Net Sanchar is the leading providers of high speed Internet connectivity and Quick Support communications solutions for business and individuals in Biratnagar. We also provide bandwidth management and antivirus solution to make your office healthy.To explore your business we provide eCommerce solutions, managed web solution, hosted accounting solutions Apps along with web hosting and email. Nepal Net Sanchar has always remained in the forefront providing updated reliable and affordable Services.You think anything to be digitized. We help to find solution for you.Nepal Net Sanchar aims to be the service and solution provider that makes future dream a reality today.